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International School Suva

World Class Citizens ~ Life Long Learners

ISS Model United Nations


ISS Model UN inter-governmental parliamentary committees aim to instill global awareness and an understanding of world crises. The two day parliamentary experience trains High School students to simulate formal parliamentary sessions and apply their knowledge through public speaking, debate, discussion, negotiation, and using diplomacy and conflict resolution skills, formulate a resolution.


Parliamentary Committees such as the General Assembly, Security Council and ECOSOC are formed with the view to addressing pertinent global issues such as the Refugee Crisis in Europe or Efforts to combat terrorism.

Students’ Learning Experience:

Students from ISS and invited schools from Suva and Nadi learn to research global concerns and to prepare position papers for their designated country. The program promotes an appreciation and understanding of civics education, develops an understanding of global problems and in debating these students will work towards formulating solutions to these problems, which are similar to other international government organizations. It is an excellent program for training leaders of the twenty first century. Student participation in the Model UN helps in building invaluable skills in research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution, compromise and cooperation.

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