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International School Suva

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Co-curricular Activities

International School Suva is committed to providing a strong program of co-curricular activities. This is in line with the Vision and Mission of the school and each program is an integral part of the High School curriculum that allows students to develop skills by trying something entirely new and undertaking an activity with renewed purpose. We are trying to promote student well-being, challenge them to think about others and develop a sense of social responsibility as well as understand their own limits.

The key programs are the Tuesday Afternoon Activities (compulsory for Year 9-10), the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Year 9 -12) and the Creativity, Action and Service Program which is part of the Core component of IB Diploma Program in Year 11 and 12.

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The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award (DOE)

Community, Activity And Service (CAS)

Tuesday Afternoon Activities


















The Duke of Edinburgh’s Inter national Award (DOE)

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is an enriching program that invites young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time.

What It’s About for Participants

Fitness/Physical Recreation

Break a sweat and improve your physical fitness.

This could be through a team sport, individual pursuit or simply getting out

there and working up a sweat.


Unleash your talents and broaden your abilities.

Anything from refereeing, to DJing to learning a musical instrument, to jewellery making. Do your thing.


Connect with your community and realize your passions.

Any area of interest in the community, such as youth work, the environment or charity work.

Adventurous Journey

Discover your sense of adventure and bond with your mates.

A journey into an unfamiliar environment with a group– staying overnight and testing your resilience.



Community, Activity and Service is a core element of the IB Diploma Program. Students must successfully complete 18months of the CAS program for successful completion of the Diploma program.

CAS is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service defined as follows.


exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance


physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle


collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need


Tuesday Afternoon Activity

Tuesday Afternoon Activities is an integral part of the School curriculum that allows students to develop skills by trying something entirely new, or undertaking an activity with renewed purpose. Tuesday Afternoon Activities are compulsory for years 9 and 10 and optional for years 11 and 12 with the purpose of fulfilling their Duke of Edinburgh and Community, Activity and Service requirements.

Students will be picking their activities this Friday, the 22nd July.

Activities will then commence on Tuesday 26th July.

Please note that Tuesday Afternoon Activities run from 2:30 until 3:50pm.

The buses run as normal at 4pm on a Tuesday.

Activities are compulsory for years 6-10 and optional for years 11 and 12.

Some of the activities incur a charge and these are listed beside the said activity.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Reimann –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Click here for semester 2 afternoon activities.


Tuesday Afternoon Activities run from 2:30pm until 3:50pm. School buses run at 3:50pm to provided for those students who need transport home.