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Creative Action and Services (CAS)


Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) is an extra-curricular framework that promotes learning through completing and reflecting upon real tasks that have real consequences, over the span of the IB diploma. Students are given the opportunity to transform what they have learned in the classroom into a form of service and interaction. The CAS experience encourages students to build relationships with others over time and develop the self-worth of service providers and receivers. The aim of CAS is to build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, autonomy, collaborative action skills, compassion for others, and an awareness of global issues through creative expression, physical activities and service projects. The Creativity, Action and Service framework encourages participants to become open-minded, life-long learners, with a desire to be active agents for progressive change in local, national and global communities.
In order to successfully complete the CAS programme, students are required to do no less than 50 hours in each of the three areas. Once students become immersed in CAS they are usually inspired to give more of their time, as they begin to see the benefits of change and action within themselves and within the community. Therefore, the total of 150 hours acts only as a minimum guideline for students who are encouraged to start and complete all projects, regardless of the total hours.
Main objectives of CAS requirement:
  • Attitudes and values which respect human dignity, transcending race, class religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity and political stance
  • An awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues with a viable, informed ethical position considering local, national and international circumstances
  • Self-confidence and modesty
  • A willingness to interact meaningfully with others
  • A sense of responsibility towards all members of the local, national and international communities and a commitment to contribute valuable to these communities
  • A recognition and respect for the human rights of all persons in our global community
  • Personal qualities of curiosity, honesty and self-criticism
  • An ability to deliberate, reflect upon and learn from experiences
  • A spirit of discovery, commitment, initiative, determination and perseverance
  • The ability to meet challenges and an awareness of personal limitations
  • Practical skills which can be used in the service of others and in a future career
This element of CAS covers a wide range of arts and other activities outside the normal curriculum, including creative thinking and problem solving within the design process. Activities include: dance, music, art, theatre, and the planning processes that support other Action and Service activities. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities and in new roles wherever possible, however individual commitment to the learning and practicing of an art form is also accepted.
This element of CAS can include participation in individual and team sports, physical activities and expeditions outside the normal curriculum, and in some circumstances physical activity involved in carrying out other CAS projects. Students are encouraged to participate in group and team activities as well as undertaking new, challenging roles. Individual commitment to these physical activities is also acceptable.
Recognized as perhaps the most transforming element of CAS, service projects and activities allow students to build direct links with individuals and groups throughout their local communities. This interaction helps to nurture and shape students as global citizens who recognize and respect the human rights of all people. Students do not simply provide service for others, they become facilitators and managers for new projects, assessing and understanding need, while developing a sincere commitment to not only the service and the community but also to the process. Students are expected to respect themselves and the community they are helping, as well as upholding human rights and building on strong moral principles.
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