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International School Suva

World Class Citizens ~ Life Long Learners

Primary Staff



Karen Whittaker

Head of Primary

Shelly Forbes

Deputy Head of Primary

Rosi Uluiviti

PYP Coordinator

After 10 years of service in the local schools in Fiji, Rosi decided to return to the International Education scene in 2000 where she introduced and set up the IB Primary Years Programme at International School Nadi as the Head of Primary and PYP coordinator. In 2007 she decided to take on a new challenge abroad joining  International School Moshi Tanzania as the PYP coordinator. On her return to Fiji, mid-year 2010, she joined ISS bringing with her years of experience as an IB Educator, adminstrator and PYP workshop leader in the IB Asia Pacific region. 



Early Childhood


Jacqui Boulton

Discovery / ECH1 Teacher

Jacqui arrived at International School Suva in 1998 with a  Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  She previously taught at Suva Point Kindergarten.


Laisenia Taleivitit

Teacher Assistant

Laisani has a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.


Litia Naqica

Teacher Assistant

Litia has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and pursuing a Degree.


Darlene Lopez

ECH2 Teacher

Darlene has been teaching young children for nine years in the Philippines, Morocco and Fiji. She earned her Bachelor's Degree Major in Early Childhood Education from Assumption College and completed her certificate in Teaching Special Education from the University of San Carlos.

Sangeeta Sundar

ECH2 Teacher

Sangeeta presently teaches Early Childhood.  She has been teaching at ISS for 7 years.  Sangeeta has a Diploma in Early Childhood and a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) from the University of the South Pacific.


Sai Vula

Teacher Assistant








Roshni Lata

Teacher Assistant










Junior Primary


Sarah Raikabo

Reception Teacher

Sarah Raikabo qualified as a teacher from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She joined International School Suva in 2014.



Chelsea Bulmer

Reception Teacher

Chelsea moved from Australia after completing her Bachelor of Education with a Health and PE major at the University of Ballarat in 2013. Teaching reception at ISS is her first classroom teaching position. 


Anjalina Devi

Teacher Asistant








Jillian Young

Year 1 Teacher

Jillian received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Calgary and her Graduate Diploma in Education from Deakin University. This is her first classroom teaching position and is her forth year teaching at ISS. 

Buffy Jack

Year 1 Teacher

Originally from the USA with a Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Science, Buffy is a certified teacher dedicated to improving the lives of youth in the Pacific Islands.



Kathryn Chang

Year 2 Teacher







Jitoko Bogitini

Year 2 Teacher

 Jitoko joined ISS in 2012 after completing his Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the University of the South Pacific.  Apart from his full time teaching, Jitoko loves coaching rugby.

Torika Jitoko

Teacher Assistant

Torika has a passion for teaching and loves to teach students from the heart and not from the book. She joined ISS in 2005 and has enjoyed the challenges of being a PYP teacher which has helped her professional growth.






Fariah Ali

Teacher Assistant







Navin Narayan

Teacher Assistant

Navin has a Diploma in Information Technology from McGrath Institute of Business Australia. He started at ISS this year and has a keen interest in Special and Inclusive Education. Her also happens to be a sports enthusiast and is responsible for soccer and hockey activities.


Senior Primary


Veniana Baledrokadroka

Year 3 Teacher

Veniana has a Bachelor of Education from Birmingham University and a Graduate Diploma in Special Needs (Blind and Visual Impairment) from Burwood State College, now Deakin University Australia.  She has worked widely with visually impaired people both in Fiji and the region. Veniana joined ISS in 2000 and teachers Year 3.


James McMorrow

Year 3 Teacher

James received a Bachelor of Education (Primary) from the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. He started at the International School Suva in January 2014 and has worked in Learning Support and as a classroom teacher.




Josephine Augustine

Teacher Assistant











Carol Apted

Year 4 Teacher

Carol has taught at ISS for many years.  She commenced teaching here after 19 years of service in Fiji’s local schools, including Marist Brothers, Suva.






Jodee Skiba

Year 4 Teacher

Jodee received her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  She taught in Wellington, New Zealand for a year before coming to ISS in October 2013.



Sereana Senidamanu

Teacher Assistant

Sereana has a Diploma in Library and Information Studies from USP; a Teachers Certificate and currently pursuing a Degree in Sociology.  She previously taught at Ballantine Memorial School before joining ISS in 2004.  Sereana was in our library for a few years prior to moving to ISS Primary.  She has special passion for Primary Maths.

Shelly Forbes

Year 5 Teacher

Shelly is a certified teacher with over 17 years experience in curriculum development and administration.  She aspires to be the best PYP educator she can be.


Shantini Saberi

Year 5 Teacher

Shantini is a world citizen who is interested in growth and development.  She loves the educational process and enjoys seeing the future unfold through young people.





Vosita Williams

Teacher Assistant

A certified teacher,my last school was Yat Sen Primary.Have taught in both rural and urban schools,joined ISS,in 2010.I am privileged to work here and have enjoyed the challenges I encounter each day.This has contributed to my proffessional growth.







Timothy Ulacake

Music Teacher

Tim has been a Music teacher since the year 2000. He began his teaching journey teaching in Holy Family Secondary School, Nadogo Secondary School,Veiuto Primary School and have been with us since 2005.

Emele Koroiwasa

PSPE Teacher











Naca Sikinairai

ICT Teacher











Cathy Kasatoka

Fijian Studies Teacher

Having had teaching experiences in both rural and urban schools in Fiji, Cathy decided to take on the challenge of teaching at ISS.  It has been a time of personal and professional growth for her.


Subadra Chandra

Hindi Studies Teacher

Subadra commenced teaching at ISS in 2009 after 20 years of service in the local schools of Fiji.  Before joining ISS, Subadra was part of Curriculum Development with Ministry of Education, Fiji.  She graduated from the University of South Pacific with a Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Educational Evaluation.

Lindy Stice

Visual Arts Teacher












Learning Support & ESL


Inga Riedel-Narayan









Lucy Otway



Lucy has spent many years working in primary education in the U.K.  In 2003 she completed a diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia; since then she has enjoyed helping children who experience a variety of difficulties in the role of Learning Support Teacher.

Shoma Prasad


Shoma holds a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Education in Special Needs.  Shoma has 6 years teaching experience, of which 3 of those have been with Learning Support.

Dasha Singh

Teacher Asisstant

Dasha has a Diploma in Primary Education and has XO certification from Australia.  He is keen to bring technology into the classroom.





Amelia Cumberbatch









Prue Amey


Prue completed a Bachelor of Teaching (primary) in 1970 in Victoria.  She has since received a graduate diploma in Inter-Ethnic Studies. Prue taught for many years in Melbourne before joining ISS in 1997 as an ESL teacher.


Library & Resource Room


Wakanisi Vaciloa

Librarian / Teacher

Gerard Mustapha

Teacher Assistant