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Art - MS



Year 6: Elements of Art and Design: What is it and how is it manipulated in Visual Art?

Students will be introduced to the concept of the Creative Process. They will answer the above question through both structured classroom activities and independent research assignments. Our aim will be to develop a thorough working knowledge of the elements; line, colour, shape, value, space, texture, form, size and pattern and how to manipulate their properties to create a finished artwork. Their visual diary will be an integral part of the course, used to explore all of the elements of design and to develop ideas for a number of studio pieces that focus on incorporating all of the elements.


Year 7: Identity and Portraiture

Students study the Pop Art movement; in particular, the artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. After looking at what makes us who we are and identifying objects that are important to us, both self-portraiture and sculpture are used to create artworks that are reflective of the Pop Art movement. Drawings are then used to create a stylized version similar to those of the above artists. These will then be turned into both a print and a 3D sculpture.


Year 8: Natural Environment; The Old and the New: Visions of Contemporary Fiji

Students develop skills in 2D drawing and painting in both wet and dry art mediums. Work will be based on objects and images relating to the “Natural Environment” helping students to develop a clear understanding of composition, tonal values and mark-making. All practical tasks will be accompanied by a Visual Art Process Diary and students will be required to continuously reflect upon their individual progress. By the end of this unit students will have had exposure to a large number of art mediums and techniques and will be able to confidently combine a number of them in one final outcome.


The second unit requires students to research the elements of art and principles of design used in the traditional and present day art and craft of Fiji. The students will then have to synthesise the research to represent a personal vision of Fiji today, using a pictorial language that may go beyond traditional representations.