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International School Suva

World Class Citizens ~ Life Long Learners



Students in the Middle School study a range of texts, including prose (both short stories and novels), poetry, drama, and film. Other units of study focus on the newspaper, media literacy in general, mythology, and fractured fairy tales. The texts and units of study engage the students in a variety of both independent and small group learning activities in addition to teacher-directed lessons. Some involve inter-disciplinary explorations.  The aims are that students should:


  •  Communicate clearly using both written and spoken language
  •  Use the language with enjoyment and confidence
  •  Respond personally to a variety of texts
  •  Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of human nature
  •  Develop a critical approach to literature
  •  Learn the value of supporting their opinions
  •  Explore the interdependence of human beings and their environment
  •  Understand more clearly their own and other cultures
  •  Read widely for enjoyment.


Assessments include written tasks involving short answer tests, written personal responses, and creative writing /creative projects, or oral tasks involving debates, group presentations, and dramatic performances.