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Science - Years 9 - 10


Coordinated Science


Students in Years 9 and 10 take Coordinated Science. This two-year IGCSE course has students sit external examinations in year 10. The Coordinated Science course is a double award, requiring study in the three disciplines; Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Students have specialist teachers for each subject area who are committed to providing detailed content in a variety of learning styles in an environment in which students excel.

The course involves a mixture of practical work, research and theory. The practical work spans all sections of the course and is regarded as essential in assisting the students to understand the many concepts involved. Application through research and practical investigation is an important tool in enabling students to gain understanding and appreciation of the “Scientific Method” in general.  The Coordinated Science program prepares students to progress through either the ACT or IB Diploma programs in science in Years 11 and 12.