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Information and Communication Technology


Information and Communication Technology

ICT is concerned with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission or receipt of digital data. Importantly, it also looks at the way these different uses can work with each other, as an example, personal computers, internet  and email, mobile phones and so on.
Information and Communication Technology equips students with practical skills and applications that are utilized in all other subject areas. It draws on the school’s current facilities and resources, computers and computer applications. The teaching learning model used in the most of classes is ‘Blended Learning’.  This refers to learning models that combine traditional classroom practice with e-learning solutions.
Students are assessed based on their knowledge and understanding, their problem-solving skills, their practical skills and their ability to research and communicate ideas. 
Year 6 ICT
The students are introduced to basic to intermediate level application skills in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Students develop search  techniques using keywords searches using search engines. Basic animation using Image Ready, Crazy Talk animation programme are also introduced.  Whilst in practical sessions students develop their understanding of computer concepts and keyboard skills are also be enhanced. 
Year 7 ICT
In Year 7, students learn application software such as word processing, photo editing skills using adobe photoshop, making a video commercial using AVS video editor, sound editing skills using adobe audition and spreadsheet for numeric analysis and generating graphs. Students are taught how to design a website using Dreamweaver and incorporating multimedia resources such as audio and video files. Keyboard skills are enhanced throughout the semester.
Year 8 ICT
Computer modules using the Databases, Spreadsheets, Desktop Publishing, and Word-processing are completed at an intermediate and advanced level. Students further develop their skills in website design using Macromedia Dreamweaver software. Other application software topics to be covered are animations using 2D and 3D animation program like Flash and Crazy Talk. 
Years 9 - 10 ICT
Information Technology is an IGCSE course and students may choose to sit the IGCSE Information Technology Examinations in Year 10.  Information Technology is designed to enhance a student’s understanding of computer concepts and practical skills, and enables them to evaluate and use information technology.  Through practical experience students develop confidence in dealing with existing and emerging information technologies and understand their application and implication to work, leisure and communication.  Students are encouraged to develop time management and planning skills. 
The main focus of this course is to provide a balanced approach to learning about information technology.  It is a practical course, and therefore has a strong emphasis on acquiring skills in a range of Office computer applications with strong emphasis in Word, Excel, Access and web designing.  There is also be some study on the impact of information technology in society. 
Information Technology is not offered in Years 11 and 12.