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English T – ACT / Language and Literature


English T – ACT / Language and Literature – IB Higher Level (HL) / Standard Level (SL) 

The course is divided into four parts and is studied over two years in this order:


Year 11

Cultural Contexts

This unit should enable students to:

  •  read, view and listen to a range of texts from a variety of social political and economic climates, specifically those from cultural contexts that fall outside Australia’s dominant literary discourses and which are studied elsewhere in this course.
  •  demonstrate an understanding of some of the social, political, literary and philosophical contexts in which the writers operate
  •  develop skills to critically analyse attitudes to and assumptions about culture by engaging with texts reflecting various cultural perspectives
  •  appreciate the innovation in techniques used by some of the writers in this unit.
  •  appreciate that the texts will be seen in the historical, cultural and philosophical context in which writers operate, thus developing an awareness that the interpretation of language involves interplay between text and context

Contemporary Texts

This unit should enable students to:

  •  read critically and view a range of texts that mark the end of the 20th and early 21st century
  •  examine and respond to the variety of styles and the changing structure of contemporary texts
  •  identify and respond to the features of the texts and evaluate how these reflect contemporary concerns and cultural influences
  •  analyse the attitudes and themes evident in these works and make connections with their own lives.

Year 12

Speculative Fiction

This unit should enable students to:

  •  critically examine a range of works that speculate about technological and social possibilities in their historical context
  •  identify and respond to the features of speculative texts and evaluate the way in which they reflect social concerns and cultural influences
  •  analyse attitudes and themes manifest in these works

North American Texts

  •  This unit should enable students to:
  •  read, and view a variety of texts that reflect different aspects of North American society
  •  analyse the way in which similar themes and preoccupations are evident in North American texts across different eras
  •  critically appraise the language and style of texts
  •  respond orally and in writing to issues and concerns in North American texts
  •  discuss and analyse some of the geographical, historical and cultural contexts of the texts.