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International School Suva

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English - Years 11 and 12


Years 11 and 12

Students may choose between two high quality courses for their senior English studies: 

  1. English T – ACT  / Language and Literature – IB Higher Level (HL) / Standard Level (SL) 
  2. English T – ACT  / World Literature – IB Higher Level (HL) / Standard Level (SL) 

If undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, students may select either course. Both follow the criteria of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Board Endorsed accredited courses and both are challenging. In addition, both comply with the criteria as established by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). 


Although International School Suva does not offer an individual course certificate for IB level English or any other single IB course, ACT only students may choose either course – Language and Literature or World Literature, since both may be studied solely as ACT English T courses.  


The study of senior level English at ISS promotes the appreciation and enjoyment of literature as a lifelong adventure, not a short term undertaking. The customized courses have been designed to recognize and to complement the diversity of cultural heritage here at International School Suva, and they encompass texts which may be spoken, written or presented through visual media. Through literature, students broaden their understanding of human experience. The diversity of social and cultural traditions in literature is not only to be examined and analysed but also respected and celebrated. English is an area of learning in which students develop an understanding of themselves and their world through interaction with a range of written and non-written texts. It is also an area of learning through which students develop their language skills for a wide variety of purposes and audiences.