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Mathematics Programme Overview
ISS believes in providing its students with the mathematical knowledge and skills that will enable each individual to function effectively in a highly technical and rapidly evolving society. In addressing this philosophy, the Mathematics curriculum seeks:

  • To foster appreciation and to develop and sustain interest in mathematics and numeracy;
  • To provide for computational skills and conceptual development;
  • To develop critical and analytical thinking through the process of mathematical reasoning;
  • To develop problem solving skills that relate to other curricular areas and everyday life;
  • To provide adequate training in the use of technological devices as tools for problem solving.

Students are given a wide range of mathematical opportunities in an atmosphere where each has a chance to succeed and develop his/her full potential. An integrated approach to the strands of number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability and discrete mathematics is used throughout our curriculum.

To make mathematics more meaningful, problem-solving applications connecting mathematics to the real world and other curriculum areas are included within each course. To facilitate discovery and analysis, as well as to reinforce the understanding of abstract mathematical concepts, the use of technology (scientific and graphing calculators, spreadsheets, computer graphing packages and statistical analysis software) is integrated across the mathematics curriculum.
Years 9 and 10
ISS offers students two IGCSE courses to opt from in mathematics within Years 9 and 10.

Mathematics (0580) aims to give all students a sound knowledge of basic mathematical concepts while allowing them to develop the skills needed to meet the objectives of Cambridge Mathematics. This course covers all of the assumed knowledge for the IB Mathematical Studies course for Years 11 and 12. Students who have developed the necessary algebra skills may be able to take the IB Mathematics Standard Level course at Years 11 and 12.

International Cambridge Mathematics (0607) consists of the standard mathematics framework supplemented by additional concepts and skills meeting the objectives of the IGCSE Extended Mathematics. This course provides the foundation for students who wish to pursue further studies in Mathematics. Students can opt to sit the examinations in May or November; and which session the student takes the examination in will depend on student ability.


Years 11 and 12
In Years 11 and 12, three levels of mathematics are offered, all of which are available in IB Diploma Program and as ACT courses. The various streams are offered to achieve an optimal match between student learning and teaching pace, as well as to provide sufficient depth and breadth of content in preparation for a wide range of mathematics needed for future university work. The appropriate mathematics class is determined for each student through the use of marks they attain from sitting an entry test in week 4 of year 11.

AC Specialist Mathematics/IB Diploma Mathematics Higher Level
The course is designed for students with a very good background in Mathematics anddepends on teacher recommendation. Students in this course must have a genuine interest in the subject, enjoy meeting its challenges and problems, and have a strong desire to succeed. The course is aimed at students who will need a rigorous grounding in mathematics for their later studies in a Mathematics or Science-related field such as Physics, Engineering or Technology.

AC Mathematical Methods/IB Diploma Mathematics Standard Level

This course approaches the subject from an integrated viewpoint aimed at showing the student the interconnecting patterns between various concepts. The course provides a sound mathematical basis for students who plan to pursue university studies in Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Medicine, and Business Administration or selected Engineering courses.
AC Mathematical Applications/IB Diploma Mathematical Studies Standard Level

This course is designed for students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities and encourages an appreciation of mathematics in students who do not anticipate a need for advanced mathematics in their future studies. Emphasis is given to the applications of mathematics in real life situations using team and individual investigations, projects and technology where mathematical techniques are used to define and solve problems.


Student’s Potrait using modelling.