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Parents Liaisons (PL)


Parents Liaisons ( PL)

Parents liaisons are  utilised in many schools worldwide and is regarded as a successful method of facilitating communication between your children’s year level/pastoral teacher and parents. PTFA launched this initiative in 2014  and volunteers have been working very well. PTFA would like to thank all of them for their fantastic job.

At the ‘Parent Information Nights’ (early Term 1), TWO parents per year level will be encouraged to take up a shared responsibility of volunteer.

The role is to support the teacher in his/her communication with parents as a group and vice versa. This support can take a variety of forms, and also depends on the different needs in Primary, Middle, and Secondary schools. They might  be required to assist in anything from a minor volunteer commitment shared with other parents, to a large responsibility such as representing the year level parents as a group.


Examples of PL tasks . Those may change on a needs basis agreeable to the YLPL, parents and teacher:


  • Pro-actively contact new families to welcome them, introduce to others in class and inform on the school activities etc.
  • Assist in organising the annual Fun Day activity for the year level; i.e. assist in rostering parents, coordinating the ‘themed basket’ etc.
  • Organise annual class parties and enrichment opportunities if your year level is interested. This may include your instigating it, email invitations or coordinating the event.
  • In Primary – contact parents to volunteer in the classroom for example with assisting with reading program or chaperone for excursions or annual camp.
  • Assist in emailing reminders about upcoming events, meetings, excursions and needs for donations or volunteers, via email, phone or notes that go home with the students.
  • Act as a liaison/listener for social and educational issues of parents and students and the school that relate to the whole class.
  • Instigate, coordinate or collect donations and purchase a gift for the teacher for special occasions. For example a teacher’s birthday, baby/wedding shower, get well card, end of the school year thank you etc.
  • Ensure the Telephone Tree details are up to date every term; checking with the teacher for new/departing students. The PL s are to be distinctively mentioned on the Tree.


Please note:

  • You will be assisted by the PTFA at all times
  • PL is NOT to replace the customary communication of Year Coordinators/Teachers to Parents.


The PTFA Constitution* accommodates this parental involvement under its Objectives and Aims:

3.1   To provide a forum for communication between parent, teachers and other members of the school community.

3.2   To facilitate discussion on a broad range of educational and social issues of mutual interest to all members of the school community.

3.6   To provide a meeting ground to promote social activities among members of the school community.