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PTFA Finances


Organising all those events has a cost . However, some events also have a fundraising objective . Our Fun Day is the  main fundraising event, which allows us to organise other events with the main focus of bringing our ISS community together in an entertaining atmosphere. We strive to offer something for our community at ISS and we absolutely welcome your feedback, ideas and of course your assistance.

To organize the Fun Day event we require sponsorship from some brands in Fiji. This initiative will allow PTFA to save part of the budget and to fund future ISS projects.


As the PTFA Committee we commit ourselves to assisting in any matters that concern you as a Parent, Teacher, Friend and Student. We promise to assist in providing a voice for concerns such as education at school and of course we are your willing hands in organising social events where we as parents and teachers can experience the ISS community that our children so diligently attend every day.


Your PTFA organises different events annually with the aim to provide opportunities to meet with your children's friends, their parents and their teachers. Those events are: the Welcome Cocktails/Bula Vinaka Party, Primary Swimming Carnival, Screen on the Green, Quiz & Curry Night, Fun Day, Halloween, and the large Garage Sale at the end of the year. We also support the PTFA Initiative : Career Speaker Series, dedicated to secondary students.


The budget not spent in events is used to purchase items that are of benefit to the students and the school as a whole. In the past we decided to upgrade secondary hard court, the primary play gym, purchase of catering equipment, a big sound system, a green screen for the drama department, School Beautification project items, play equipment for Early Childhood and laptops. Every year new needs emerge and improvements are made to the facilities of our children here at ISS. All students, parents, teachers and staff can make suggestions with the use of the PTFA Funds request Form.The PTFA Committee decides on the allocation of funds raised at the end of the year or earlier if needed and parents are informed and invited to those meetings. You will also  be heard through your Parent Liaison. Have your say!



We support not only the ISS community. 10% of our funds raised are donated to various local community and charity projects. Preference is given to allocated funds to organisations that involve  community projects where ISS children are involved in. All students, parents, teachers and staff can make suggestions with the use of the attached PTFA Funds request Form.

Below you will find some examples. 


$4,000 was given to the Paralympics to assist in their preparations for the Paralympic games. This came from funds collected in 2015.


  • We bought art & craft items and a storage cabinet to a Mobile Kindergarten Unit in a settlement called the Na i Nuinui community project in Caubati, where year 11 students also offer CAS time.
  • We supported CWM Hospital with books, bookshelves and comfortable seats for the children’s oncology ward. This was requested by the year 10 students through their Global Perspective topic.
  • We provided for Christmas decorations and Goodie Bags for the Children’s Ward-CWMH.

  Art & Craft goods for Na i Nuinui Community               Donation of Books/bookshelf to Hospital              Christmas Decoration of Children's Hospital


  • With the objective of helping HURRICANE  PAM VICTIMS and also to support the children helping their community, The One Love Family Fiesta event was supported by the PTFA with a donation of food, drinks, park fees and music equipment hire fees for a total amount of $3,127. The donation was over the PTFA annual 10% revenue contribution but we felt that this was good venue. An additional gas grill was purchased by the PTFA to help with the cooking that night so the PTFA purchased a new gas grill that was used at the event and will continue to used in other school events including our annual Fun Day. The  PTFA was really happy to help with their cause. It was such a fantastic night at Sukuna Park for the One Love Family Fiesta event. The music, fashion show and dances were great, food delicious and the children happy and dancing. The ISS Year 12's did a fabulous job. It was nice to see children, teachers and parents involved in this students initiative. Unfortunately, no more funds are available for Charity projects in this 2015.

PARA PUBLICITAR PTFDA SPONSORSHIP copy.jpg               proudly.jpg


All requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance to the monthly PTFA Committee meeting unless there is an emergency. 

A request must be completed on the Fund Request Form (available on school website) and be precise including person(s) requesting funds, amount request, reasoning for request and breakdown of costs. Any other relevant information may be submitted as an attachment.

If the request is submitted by the student body, representatives should be prepared to present the request at the upcoming PTFA meeting (student development).

All decisions made by the PTFA concerning fund requests will be relayed back within 7 working days of the monthly meeting.