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Welcome to Middle School Learning Support Department


At International School Suva we take a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our Learning Support and English as a Second or Other Language students in the Middle School. Our Learning Support teachers work with the classroom teachers, specialist subject teachers and parents, to ensure that we are providing a high quality education that meets the needs of the very diverse group of both LS and ESOL students.





An Individual Learner Plan (ILP) is prepared for the provision of effective learning support to pupils with special learning needs or poor academic achievement.  This includes recommendations, accommodations and individualised programs to cater for individual needs. The ILPs are prepared after consultation with core subject teachers, pastoral teachers, parents, students and external support providers if necessary.


Students in Year 6 to 8 who have limited English receive ESOL lessons from trained ESOL teachers. The number and location of these lessons will depend on the student’s English ability, and may include up to 5 hours a week.




These are the proposed LS assessment, referral and action plan procedures that has to be followed when identifying and placing a student.


1.      Surfboard form

From the results of the PAT diagnostic test, a surfboard form is completed. Students are then placed in different tiers depending on ability and results by the respective teachers.


2.      Referral forms

Once the students have been identified, they are referred to the teachers. It is the responsibility of the core teachers and the specialist teachers to indicate student performances in their respective subject areas on the referral forms.


3.      Individual Learning Plan.

According to the performance indicators in the referral forms, an ILP is completed for each student. Short term and long term goals are established.


4.      Team meeting.

LS staff, parents, relevant and/or interested teachers and student then meet to discuss ILP.  The document is then signed by the parents or guardians.


5.      Counsellor Assistance

The school counsellor works with students who have behavioural management issues as well as with students of concern. High school student can request the services of the counsellor personally.


6.      Ongoing communication and review by all parties, as required

It is the responsibility of the LS teachers to ensure that students are able to achieve their short term and long term goals. This is through ongoing communication and review by all parties, as required.




The Learning Support Department at International School Suva coordinates programs and services for students with learning needs.  The model is based on the belief that students vary in their level of ability, achievement, motivation and interest and that individuals respond best to educational programs that provide appropriate challenges and meet their individual needs.

Currently ISS offers three levels of support ranging in spectrum and intensity.

·         Tier 1
Level 1 support is for students who are able to follow the regular curriculum with differentiation, adaptations or accommodations.

·         Tier 2
Level 2 support is for students who require some accommodations to the content in order to be able to access the curriculum. This may include either inclass support from a Learning Support teacher, or individual or small group out of class instruction.

·         Tier 3
Tier 3 support is for students who require significant accommodations and/or modifications to the content of the curriculum.  Students who require this level of support will usually require documentation from a qualified professional educational provider which states accommodations are needed for a student to access the mainstream curriculum. A Learning Support teacher will ensure that accommodations are available to the student in the mainstream classrooms.

A student who requires tier 3 supports may also be required to have an individual Learning Support assistant to help them in the classroom, either full time or part time. The cost of this service and other necessary resources will be borne by the parents and/or guardians.



ISS works with number of external experts who can provide assessment and expert information on a wide range of learning needs. If applicable, the ISS Learning Support team will recommend an external assessment, and provide relevant contact details and information. Parents and guardians then correspond directly with these experts.



Students may be placed on SOC status if an academic concern is noted in the admissions process or in mainstream classes at ISS. Parents and guardians will be notified if their child is placed on SOC status, and a Learning Support teacher may monitor their progress through reports and contact with mainstream teachers and the student themselves.



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ESOL & LS STUDENTS IN YEAR 6 TO 8 Learning Support Case Managers


The Learning Support Case managers are part of a year level team and join the classroom teachers during planning and teaching time. They focus on the differentiation for LS, Extension and ESL students during planning time and co- teach in classrooms by working with different groups or individuals. The Case Managers also develop ILP’s in collaboration with classroom teachers for Tier 2 and 3 students and provide updates and individual ILP progress reports twice a year, as well communicate on a regular basis with parents and guardians.


Year 6 – Arieta Koroidimuri – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 7 – Regina Mastapha – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 8 – Tanya Vatubua – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.