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Performing Arts - Drama


Year 9 and 10

The Year 9 and 10 Drama course is based on the IGCSE Program. Studies expand on their ‘knowledge of the Middle School course enabling them to focus on interpreting text for performance and creating original scripts. They learn about the influence of Theatrical Practitioners and possible approaches to acting and concepts for staging in their performances




Year 11 and 12

The senior years of Drama focus on the IB Diploma and The ACT courses. Students are encouraged to view their final years as a journey into theatrical research and development. Students are introduced to leadership in a variety of elements of production, enabling them to understand the processes of creating and realizing performances. Taking creative ownership of performances gives them the opportunity to explore alternatives widely, making them globally aware of Theatrical possibilities.




Every year the Drama students take an active role in the construction of the school production. They have the opportunity to take on roles as student leaders working with their teams of either set designers, technical, costume, makeup or backstage crews, supported by teacher mentors. The student director is responsible for auditioning potential actors for role in the performance. In 2015, one hundred and thirty seven students were involved in the performance of ‘Beauty in the Eyes of the Beast ‘. 



During their senior years of study, all Drama students partake in an Arts trip to Sydney Australia, where they are exposed to a variety of theatrical performances, workshops and venues, which inspire and encourage their engagement, enhancing their involvement in the study.