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Science - Years 11-12


Biology, Physics,Chemistry, Environmental Systems
At Year 11 and 12, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Systems are offered as separate subjects and students may choose to take one or two sciences.  All courses are suitable for ACT matriculation or sitting examinations contributing to the IB Diploma Programme. IB Diploma courses are offered at Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level(HL), with the exception of Environmental Systems and Societies which is only offered as an SL subject.
ACT Biology T or IB Diploma Biology
In Biology, students develop their knowledge in human physiology, defense against disease, cells and cell structure, genetics and genetic engineering and biotechnology and ecology and evolution. There is also a component of plant science. As with the other science courses students can expect academically rigorous coursework, a practical approach emphasis and intentional development of skills in designing and conducting innovative experiments.
ACT Chemistry T or IB Diploma Chemistry
The Chemistry course involves the study of materials and enables students to understand the rules governing the behavior of particles and also gives them practical, numerical, written and analytical skills. Students investigate the atom, examining stoichiometry and energetics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox, organic chemistry, biochemistry and modern analytical chemistry. Students have the additional option of studying selected topics in the area of medicines and drugs.
ACT Physics T or IB Diploma Physics
The Physics course covers physical measurement, mechanics, thermal physics, oscillations and waves, electric currents, fields and forces, atomic and nuclear physics and energy, power and climate change. Students may also cover motion in fields, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electromagnetic induction, quantum and nuclear physics and digital technology. Students also study two options, from a range of areas including astrophysics, communications, relativity, medical physics and particle physics.
ACT Environmental Systems T or IB Diploma Environmental Systems and Societies
Our newest course, Environmental Systems and Societies involves “the study of fundamental structure and functioning of natural systems and the broad impacts of human activities. It is a study that is essentially scientific and enables students to adopt an informed and responsible stance on the wider range of pressing environmental issues that they will inevitably come to face.” Students gain practical fieldwork experience through investigation and develop communication and critical thinking skills through debate and discourse.  This is offered as a one-year programme of study in year 11.