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Humanities - IGCSE Business Studies and History


IGCSE Business Studies and History

These subjects are IGCSE courses. The Business Studies content includes business and its environment, private and public businesses, changing business environment, external economic environment, business structure organization and control, financing business activity, operations management, financial information and decision making, and reasons for regulations. Students of History learn international relations since 1919 which covers peace treaties of 1919 – 23, League of Nations, causes of World War II, United Nations, Cold War and events of the Cold War such as the Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War, as well as USSR control over Eastern Europe 1949 – 1989. In addition, students learn a depth study: Russia 1905 – 1941. Learning experiences include debates, oral presentations, use of ICT and research assignments. Students’ assessments are marked against IGCSE assessment objectives.