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English - Years 9 and 10


Years 9 and 10

ENGLISH LANGUAGE Students in Year 9 and Year 10 develop their interpersonal communication skills through the study of language in a wide variety of forms and in all modes: reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing.  A range of resources are used including prose, poetry, media, film and drama. Courses focus intently on students’ written and verbal language skills, extending and polishing them to prepare for senior studies. Students will enroll in the IGCSE Language examination at the end of Year 10.


English Literature: The English Literature components of the courses focus on comprehension and appreciation, as well as some critical literary analysis, and require close study of specific texts. The courses are designed to prepare students for the IGCSE Language and Literature examinations at the end of Year 10. Novels, plays, short stories and poetry are studied closely, and these texts are used as the basis for a range of learning activities.


 The English Language and English Literature components of both the year 9 and the Year 10 courses aim to:

  •  Enable students to communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively.
  •  Enable students to understand and respond appropriately to what they read, hear and experience.
  •  Encourage students to enjoy and appreciate a variety of language.
  •  Promote students’ personal development and an understanding of themselves and others.
  •  Explore the interdependence of humans and their environment.
  •  Develop a critical approach to literature.

Assessments include written tasks involving short answer and essay answer tests, written personal responses, persuasive writing, and creative writing /creative projects, or oral tasks involving debates, seminar presentations, and dramatic performances.